When we Do great things happen

Here’s to all of you. Thanks for doing your bit for where you live and helping to make Bristol and the world a little bit better.

Join them

is ashley down?

youziqo - Ashley Down

YouDoo is an excellent website with lots of good suggestions.

Trilby Drew - Ashley Down

I want to help the earth to be better.

Albie Bryant - Ashley Down

Liam Richardson - Southville

Tom Palmer - St. Pauls

Molly Wild - Longwell Green

Cecilia Forfitt - Easton

What a lovely way to celebrate what people already do and give them ideas for pledges to take, to help our precious planet.

Libby Bowles - Bedminster

James Legg - Horfield

Jo Taylor - Clifton

Laura Leigh Chapman - Bedminster

Ollie Collard - Southville

Mike Karthauser - Bedminster

Emilie Dawson - Centre

Ramona Andrews - Windmill Hill

These all seem very doable and some I'm already doing. As consumers, our changes in behaviour have a direct impact on manufacturing and ultimately policy making, we have the power to lead from the front.

Adam Millington - Knowle

Christina Beani - Bedminster

Ben R - Ashley Down

Thom Buttery - St. George

Guy Roper - Troopers Hill