About the project

We want to help Bristol reach net-zero by 2030 by helping you do your sustainable bit for your part of Bristol. Because we think that big change starts with small steps, right here in our communities and neighbourhoods.

We’re a guide for sustainable local living – from refill stores to environmentally-friendly goods and services. We’ve put together some top tips and practical suggestions and actions (with useful links) to help you.

Make a start, pick an action that feels doable, pledge it forward and share it. Because the more we spread the word, the more we can inspire change. That’s it. That’s how YouDoo. And you don’t have to stop there. Do more actions. Explore other action areas. See what else you can do to live sustainably.

If we can make small changes to the way we live, we can quickly see the power we all have to make a difference to where we live. To our quality of life and our surroundings. We can save the earth’s vital resources and make a healthier, happier, more sustainable planet for everyone.

Let’s YouDoo this together!